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Mar 2017

BUY a Amazon Fire TV Stick with KODI Installed and all the Channels – Shipped same or next day

AMAZON FIRE TV, Kodi / XBMC|45 Comments

Get a Brand New Amazon Fire TV Version w/ Alexa Voice Remote and  KODI XBMC + Mobdro Installed with all the best Video Addons + all the channels!! plus More.. Watch Any Movie or TV Show you Like right out of the box.. Shipped Priority I will personalty send you a brand New Amazon Fire [...]

Mar 2017

Installing XBMC / KODI on the Amazon Fire TV and running it from your startup screen Tutorial

AMAZON FIRE TV, Kodi / XBMC|148 Comments

 Why the Amazon Fire TV and Fire Stick? The Amazon Fire TV or Amazon Fire TV Stick is the latest gadget from Amazon, just like many other devices in the market, it allows you to stream Netflix and download tons of channels both free and paid. The greatest thing about the Amazon [...]

Mar 2017

Buy a Amazon Fire TV BOX with 4K Ultra HD with KODI +MOBDRO INSTALLED – watch any movie + TV Show

AMAZON FIRE TV, Kodi / XBMC|2 Comments

Amazon Fire Tv BOX 4k ULTRA HD Unlocked 2016 Version w/ Alexa Voice Remote - Brand New - with KODI XBMC Installed + All The best Movie Channels On Sale for a limited time from $199.99 to $150 Price will be going up soon click the PayPal Buy Now button below [...]

Feb 2016

Need Help Installing KODI on the Amazon fire TV, and setting up KODI Properly?

AMAZON FIRE TV, Kodi / XBMC|0 Comments

If you have tried everything and cant get KODI installed properly then I can personally help you out. For $20 I will personally help you out for a half hour or until we get KODI installed on your Fire TV and setup FireStarter and Install all the programs and channels.  After you make payment through [...]

Feb 2016

FIRESTARTER Instructions – Best and Fastest way to launch KODI XBMC from Amazon Fire TV Home Screen


If you are looking for the best way to launch KODI XBMC from your Fire TV App then look no further. When you install a application from the Amazon Fire TV store it appears on your homepage, when you side load a app, meaning use your computer to install a App on your Amazon Fire [...]

Dec 2015

How to Factory Reset KODI XBMC without unistall and remove all the channels and setting video and step by step

AMAZON FIRE TV, Kodi / XBMC|0 Comments

  In this video I teach you how to factory reset KODI XBMC and remove all the channels and setting you applied ot it and start frech.   Go to SYSTEM SETTINGS ADDONS INSTALL FROM ZIP CHoose the fusion file we added earlier and under START HERE install FRESH START then go back [...]

Dec 2015

Configure Kodi / XBMC so you can install all the channels and watch movies for free

AMAZON FIRE TV, Kodi / XBMC|9 Comments

Once you’ve installed Kodi, the Config Wizard is the easiest and most recommended method of configuring your Kodi-powered device, it will automatically enable all of the best add-ons and goodies, saving you hours of trouble. REQUIRED: FUSION INSTALLER Step 1: Navigate to the “Settings” tab under the “SYSTEM” menu. Step 2: Select the “Add-ons” option from the [...]

Dec 2015

Install FUSION and get all the channels for your Kodi / XBMC install step by step

AMAZON FIRE TV, Kodi / XBMC|11 Comments

  Once you’ve installed Kodi, the Fusion Installer is your first step to getting all the best add-ons for XBMC. Step 1: Navigate to the “File manager” tab under the “SYSTEM” menu. Step 2: Click on the “Add source” option. Step 3: Select the top text input box marked “<None>” under the “Enter the [...]

Jun 2015

Amazon Fire TV Settings Tips and Tricks


Amazon's Fire TV recently gained more features. Here's what's new and how to make the most of the updates When we first reviewed Amazon's Fire TV and Fire TV Stick, both had plenty of features that make them viable contenders in the streaming device market. Last month, Amazon launched significant updates that bring new features [...]

Feb 2015

How to create a Kodi (XBMC) shortcut on your Fire TV home screen


  Please use this Now     After side-loading Kodi to your Fire TV you won’t have a shortcut on your home screen. After installing the APK you can only access the media center using the settings menu. However, there is also a workaround for that. When you’re in the US, install ikona TV from [...]